Go mad for Crazy Test on iPhone

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Go mad for Crazy Test on iPhone
| Crazy Test

Danish game maker Tactile Entertainment has been in touch with Pocket Gamer HQ to reveal that Crazy Test, its WarioWare-inspired title, is now available on iPhone.

Whilst everybody else at Tactile has been hard at work finishing the much-anticipated Pocket Creatures, another of its game designers Mikkel was sneakily developing Crazy Test.

Lo and behold, Mikkel’s tonnes-of-games-in-one compendium has actually beaten its stablemate to the App Store’s stalls!

So, what kinda bang do you get for your buck then?

First is the Crazy Test, in which you race through and unlock 70 simple micro-games in set order, armed from the outset with two lives.

Next, in Survival Mode, all of your clocked mini-games are thrown you at random with increasing difficulty until you perish.

Finally, the Mini Games List enables you to pick and choose from any of your completed brain-teasers, challenging you to unlock the games’ 40+ associated achievements.

Speaking of challenges, friends can be called out via the OpenFeint network and shown just how bonkers you truly, truly are.

Download Crazy Test now for the frankly wacky, discounted launch price of 99c / 59p / €0.79. Thereafter, the game will set you back €2.99 / £1.79 / €2.39.

Check out the vid below for more details:

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