COPS: High Speed Pursuit out now on US App Store

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COPS: High Speed Pursuit out now on US App Store

Have you ever seen the hit US TV series, COPS?

Me neither, but Hands-On Mobile has, repeatedly, and now the publisher has put out an iPhone game based on the multi-decade spanning police series.

The game's all about experiencing the rush of a high speed police chase as you catch escaping criminals in your paddy wagon by taking them down at dangerously high speeds.

You're nicked

You control the game, like most racers on the iPhone, by holding the screen and tilting the device to steer.

You have to race up to your suspects, then steer in close with the accelerometer to take them down. Do it right and you’ll earn cash and promotions that unlock new vehicles.

The game's got 15 levels set in what Hands-On eloquently describes as "the open highways of the Florida Everglades, the mountainous passes of the Pacific Northwest, the dusty, winding roads of Route 66, and the traffic-clogged freeways of Los Angeles".

COPS: High Speed Pursuit is available now for iPhone and iPod touch, only on the US App Store, for $3.99.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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