Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures is an upcoming casual action game and the latest entry in the popular franchise

Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures is an upcoming casual action game and the latest entry in the popular franchise
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We knew that the Devsisters has been planning on expanding their popular Cookie Run: Kingdom franchise with three new games. These include the Cookie Run: OverSmash and Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle expansions as well as a casual action game that was under the working title of Project B.

The developers have finally unveiled the latter, as Project B has been officially named Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures. The game will feature real-time cooperative play and real-time action combat, all in 3D, a first for the series. Eager players will be able to get their hands on a demo version at the Google Play booth during G-STAR 2023.

Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures will bring back all the favourite Cookies with several new ways to interact with them. The primary goal is to help the Cookies ascend the Pancake Tower. It is obviously not going to be an easy journey and players must form teams of Cookies with unique abilities in order to beat all the monsters. The title will feature both story-based adventures alongside co-op multiplayer modes so that it can be enjoyed solo as well as with friends.

Interested players will be able to test Tower of Adventures out in a couple of months during the G-STAR 2023 event, which is set to be held between November 16th and 19th at BEXCO in Busan, Korea. It will be present at the Google Play booth where a PC-based user demo will be held.

Speaking about the upcoming game, Hyoungook Bae, Executive Producer of Oven Games, said: “Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures aims to be a popular action game that casual players can enjoy both alone and with friends. Through our collaboration with Google Play, players can experience our unique gameplay more easily. We look forward to G-STAR 2023.”

That’s all we know for now. Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures' release date for Android and iOS will be released soon. Until then, visit the official website for more information.

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