Cookie Run: Kingdom's Summer Soda Rock Fiesta continues in latest v4.8 update

Cookie Run: Kingdom's Summer Soda Rock Fiesta continues in latest v4.8 update

A couple of weeks ago, Devsisters kicked off the summer season with a new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, titled Summer Soda Rock Fiesta. It introduces two new Cookies who will be featured in the titular special episode. Now, version 4.8 aims to carry forward the entertainment with yet another Cookie, as well as more Magic Candies, and events.


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Joining the Summer Soda Rock Fiesta in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update is the Black Lemonade Cookie. Headlining performer and leader of the band SparkL, Black Lemonade Cookie is a Bomber type character whose position is prioritized to the middle. Her electric guitar doubles up as a powerful weapon that deals insane damage to enemies while creating awesome beats.

Check out this Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to see how powerful the new Cookie is!

The update further introduces new events in the form of Tropical Raids, which can be found during World Exploration. It tasks players with fighting boss monsters that have invaded their lands or helping others fight these fiends. The enemies scale with the number of matches, meaning the more they’re defeated, the stronger they become, going up to level 30.

Beating bosses will grant Deep Sea Coins, which can be exchanged for multiple rewards such as Cookie Soulstones, Deep Sea Chests, Tropical Raid Tickets, and Boss Tickets. On top of the regular foes, players may also encounter Epic and Mythic Bosses, who offer another level of challenge.

Meanwhile, the game adds a new treasure which is perfect for beating the heat. Say hello to the Ice-Cold Energy Drink, a Special and Active treasure that can be found at the Squirrel’s Shop. It’s the perfect rejuvenation for a Cookie with the lowest health as it not only restores HP but also turns the Cookie into a Giant, upping its defensive capabilities as well.

Check out part two of Summer Soda Rock Fiesta by downloading Cookie Run: Kingdom now for free.

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