Cookie Run Kingdom releases the Summer Soda Rock Fiesta special episode with new cookies and events

Cookie Run Kingdom releases the Summer Soda Rock Fiesta special episode with new cookies and events

A new month means an awesome new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom. July brings version 4.7, titled Summer Soda Rock Fiesta. This thrilling patch introduces two new Cookies, a special episode, and several new events and other improvements.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has had a riveting few months with the Legends of the Red Dragon special episode. Now that it has concluded, it’s time to move on to its successor, Summer Soda Rock Fiesta. This episode has been divided into two parts, Story and Dark modes. It features a branching pattern, with numerous dialogue-based choices.

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The storyline allows players to experience the concern multiple times through the eyes of different Cookies. The Dark mode unlocks after reaching the end of one of the concerts. The same applies to the epilogues as well, which become available in the Dark mode only after that specific Cookie’s show is completed.

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To get the party going, two Cookies join the popular RPG. The first one is Shinning Glitter Cookie, a Super Epic Cookie of the Magic type that is prioritized to the middle. Her skill, All Eyes on the Stage applies the Glittering Rock Spirit buff to everyone while damaging the opposition. Whenever a song lands a critical hit, targets are zapped regardless of their damage resistance.

Accompanying her is the Rockstar Cookie, an Epic, Healing Cookie who also plays in the middle of the formation. His skill is called Legend of Rock and provides a Rock Spirit and Curse Protection buff to all teammates while simultaneously healing them. When in an Encore state, the Cookie’s healing abilities are also at their peak.

Another feature to look out for is the Boss Hunt limited-time event. In this mode, players must create teams using a fixed number of points and defeat bosses that appear one after the other. Battle Points deplete on selection and on using Battle Tactics. All resources earned in this event can be spent in the Battle Hunt Shop.

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