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Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom - best toppings and other facts

Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom - best toppings and other facts
Pastry Cookie is a really neat-looking character in the Cookie Run Kingdom, which is devoted to the Order! It’s an Epic Ranged cookie that is very good at defeating large waves of enemies from the backline. She plays a big role in the tower of Sweet Chaos, where she was portrayed as the antithesis of Red Velvet Cookie. She’s a big fan of getting rid of injustices! With that in mind, you may be wondering how to get Pastry Cookie and what the best toppings to use are. Also, how well does Pastry Cookie fare among the other characters in the CRK tier list?

Pastry Cookie has a battle prayer, which will allow her to fire an arrow of light at the nearest enemy. Under the effect of the Battle Prayer, the cookie’s attack DMG and ATK SPD are also increased.

How do I get Pastry Cookie in CRK?

Currently, Pastry Cookie is obtained from the gacha, where there is a 0.095% chance to get this cookie, as it’s an epic cookie, so this may take a lot of rolls before you have it. Once you do have the Pastry Cookie, I am sure you’ll be topping it up to be the best cookie possible for your team.

Best Pastry Cookie toppings

When it comes to the Pastry Cookie, the best toppings depend on how you want to use the cookie. One of the recommended topping builds is 5 searing raspberry toppings, which will give a full ATK bonus and use a full set. You can opt for ATK SPD and cooldown reduction bonus stats, to help her deal even more DMG. If you want to break a set, you can instead top Pastry Cookie with 3 searing raspberry toppings and 2 bouncy caramel will improve ATK and ATK speed which can really boost the cookie. You can also use a Swift Chocolate Candy to reduce her cooldown. For treasures, you can make her stronger with the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Grim-Looking Scythe. The Squishy Jelly Watch is a good option for cooldown reduction too.

Pastry Cookie is big on judgment, justice, and following the order, so a lot of her sayings and dialogue are about the truth, the order, and corruption needing to be fixed. She feels almost religious in her speeches. She does not show mercy on her enemies and makes for a cookie well worth the Epic status. 

That's all you need to know about Pastry Cookie. If you need any help with the game, take a look at the ten tips and tricks for the Cookie Run Kingdom, as they are certainly going to be of assistance.

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