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Cookie Clicker: Sugar Lumps - How to get them and where to use them

Cookie Clicker: Sugar Lumps - How to get them and where to use them
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In this guide, you will learn everything about Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker. We will show you how to get and where to use this currency. Sugar Lumps are useful to every player who wants to progress in the later stages of Cookie Clicker.

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Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker

Sugar Lumps are the secondary in-game currency in Cookie Clicker. Along with Cookies, they are necessary for progression. Still, Lumps are way more complex than Cookies.

The Sugar Lump menu is just below the Stats button. Here you can manage them, control growth, and harvest once needed. After harvesting, you can use Lumps for different purposes, which will be discussed later in this guide.


Getting Sugar Lumps can be both very hard and very straightforward. The first Lump is unlocked as you reach the first billion cookies.

While it sounds easy, getting the first billion on your balance is challenging. You must spend more than two hours in the game without wasting a single cookie to get the first billion with an income of 100,000 per second.

Once you pass the billion-cookie mark, Sugar Lumps will start growing automatically. Just check the table below and learn about the maturing periods for this currency:

  • Maturing - 20 Hours
  • Ripening - 23 Hours
  • Falling - 24 Hours

The time for ripening and falling can be sped up by various modifiers. Check the list below for the shortest time you can reach with all the modifiers:

  • Maturing - 17 hours 53 minutes and 56 seconds
  • Ripening - 18 hours 57 minutes and 26 seconds
  • Falling - 19 hours 53 minutes and 56 seconds

And if you want to know about the modifiers that would speed up Sugar Lumps growth, check the table below. Here you can find all the possible updates.



Stevia Caelestis -1 hour from Ripening time
Diabetica Daemonicus -1 hour from Maturing time
Sugar Aging Process Speeds up Ripening by 6 seconds with every grandma. The maximum possible effect is 600 seconds
Auras: Reality Bending / Dragon’s Curve / Both Maturing time is 0.5% / 5% / 5.5% faster

Ripening time is 0.5% / 5% / 5.5% faster

Rigidel: Diamond / Ruby / Jade Speed up Ripening by 60 / 40 / 20 minutes
Ichor syrup garden upgrade Speed up Maturing by 7 minutes

Alternatively, Sugar Lump can be obtained by clicking on the Golden Cookie with the special Sweet effect. Still, it has only a 1/5000 chance of occurring. Don’t focus your energy on getting this currency in this way.

The last way to get Sugar Lumps is to harvest Juicy Queenbeet - a unique, rare garden plant that can give you 10 Lumps at once. Still, it will cost you all your unlocked garden plants and require much time and effort.


Clicking on the cookie in the game

The primary purpose of this currency is to level up different buildings. A single building upgrade brings a permanent 1% boost in cookie production. Also, every upgrade makes the price for levelling up more expensive by one. You must spend a lot of time in the game to get a valuable boost using Lumps.

All the building levels purchased with them can't be removed. So, if you decide to spend Sugar Lumps, carefully consider your decision.

You can unlock all four mini-games available in Cookie Clicker using Sugar Lumps. Check the list below and learn how to unlock each minigame:

  • Grimoire - Spend 1 Lump on Wizard Tower
  • Pantheon - Spend 1 Lump on Temple
  • Garden - Spend 1 Lump on Farm
  • Stock Market - Spend 1 Lump on Bank

Consider that the list of mini-games might be expanded in future updates.


Harvesting Sugar Lumps is necessary for every player who wants to get all Cookie Clicker achievements. Below are all the main achievements you can obtain by getting this resource in Cookie Clicker: 

Achievement Description
Dude, sweet Get 7 Coalescing Sugar Lumps
Sugar rush Get 30 Coalescing Sugar Lumps
Year’s worth of cavities Get 365 Coalescing Sugar Lumps
Hand-picked Harvest Coalescing Sugar Lump before it ripes
Sugar sugar Get Bifurcated Sugar Lump
Sweetmeats Get Meaty Sugar Lump
Maillard reaction Get Caramelized Sugar Lump
All-natural cane sugar Get Golden Sugar Lump

That’s it with Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker. This guide covered all the basic info about this valuable currency in Cookie Clicker. And while you're here, make sure to check our Cookie Clicker strategy guide.