Colossal Cave is a hit game from 1976 making its way back in a new 3D incarnation

Dungeon-crawling at its finest

Colossal Cave is a hit game from 1976 making its way back in a new 3D incarnation
  • Colossal Cave Adventure is a landmark game from 1976
  • A purely text-based game, it let you explore a vast, fantastical underground cave
  • Now, with Colossal Cave 3D you can experience it in fully three-dimensional glory!

Colossal Cave Adventure is a text-based RPG from 1976. But that's not quite what we're talking about today. Instead, we're focused on Colossal Cave 3D, the freshly-released, fully three-dimensional remake that's out now for Android!

Yes, back in the day, when computers couldn't even output 2D graphics, people would play RPGs purely through text. Before the Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy, before even Ultima Underworld, there were games like Colossal Cave.

And now, as evidence of how far we've come, you can play Colossal Cave not only in 3D but in the very palm of your hand! If only the early computer geeks could see us now. Check out the trailer for Colossal Cave 3D below!

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In Colossal Cave 3D you'll engage in a classic dungeon-crawling adventure as you explore the titular cave system based on original creator Will Crowther's own maps of the real-life Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Fight axe-wielding dwarves, dragons, pirates and more, while finding amazing treasure and experiencing classic dungeon-crawling at its finest.

Let's go caving

It really is quite shocking to look at the original Colossal Cave and compare it to this. It's a really amazing symbol of just how far gaming on virtually every platform has come. While Colossal Cave 3D is no Dark and Darker, or revolutionary in terms of design, it does have that wonderfully classic dungeon-crawling vibe.

If you want to explore vast interiors, duke it out with classic fantasy beasts and more, all while benefitting from modern 3D graphics, auto-maps and other quality-of-life features, then give Colossal Cave 3D a go!

And even if you're not at all fussed about games like Colossal Cave 3D, don't fret. Check out our constantly-growing, comprehensive list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find out what other major releases and indie titles we think are worth a go!

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