Clumsy Climber cheats and tips - Everything you need to climb less clumsily

| Clumsy Climber
Clumsy Climber cheats and tips - Everything you need to climb less clumsily

It's all about practice

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Never before have I felt such solidarity with a video game character. Clumsy Climber is me, he is all of us, for he only does a single thing, and he's not even that good at it. God bless you, Clumsy Climber.

Luckily he has you to help him through the stage and make sure he doesn't, well, drown in the floods that the Old Testament God has wrought. Nice.

So yeah you'll want to try and not drown while climbing up to safety, it can be a difficult task, but that's exactly why we've got some fresh tips here. Read on and you'll escape the rising tide and achieve victory.

Clumsy Climber
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Timed taps

Naturally the best way to play Clumsy Climber is with timed taps as your climber grasps and lets go of ledges as he moves his way up into the sky, escaping the water below.

When your hand is ready to grab it'll be orange, and once you hover it over a ledge and tap, he'll grab on, continuing his ascent.

It requires precise tapping to climb up, and I recommend tapping just a split second before it looks like his hand will hover over a ledge - it usually works out…

Clumsy Climber

Feel the rhythm

Once you start climbing quickly you'll start to hear the sound effect that plays as you grab onto ledges go higher in pitch with each successive ledge.

This works once you've got a good rhythm going, and you can quickly grab the ledges as your hands raise up.

Keep this combo going by having the pitch high and you'll quickly earn massive scores.

Clumsy Climber

That sinking feeling

Of course there's a reason for climbing, and it's global warming. I think. Regardless, the world is flooding, and you don't want any part of that.

Sadly though, you're likely to watch the waters rise a few times and will probably get stuck yourself. There's no escape from our fate.

The last tip is even more important as the water gets high, because second chances are often difficult to come across as the water level rises, and if you miss the ledge you're grabbing your character will just let go and fall.

Clumsy Climber

Special ledges

Most of the ledges you grab on to will be brown and boring and, well, just there for your top escape the rising tide, but there's a couple of interesting ones.

The ones which spin in place can, of course, be used to help you climb faster, but there are also coloured ledges which make different things happen.

Green ledges will actually shoot you up the level, allowing you to skip a bunch of ledges. Blue ledges, meanwhile, will actually make hidden ledges appear, revealing the path forward, making them pretty essential.

Clumsy Climber

Splash the cash

As you play the game you'll be earning coins that you'll see on your ascent, and you can also grab them when clearing levels and from video ads.

Gather up as much cash as you can and then head for the in-game shop - don't worry, no real money being exchanged here!

There are, however, a whole bunch of customisation options, including hats and costumes. I got myself a sombrero. Very stylish.

Clumsy Climber
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