Claw Stars, Appxplore's casual claw machine arcade game, is heading for iOS and Android in late June

Claw Stars, Appxplore's casual claw machine arcade game, is heading for iOS and Android in late June
| Claw Stars

Claw Stars started its pre-registration for both Android and iOS and a month back. Since then, the game has registered over 500,000 players from both mobile platforms who are eagerly awaiting its release on June 30th.

Appxplore’s Claw Stars is a casual title that blends the classic arcade claw machine with gacha elements. While playing the game you will explore the corners of an expanding universe and discover new civilizations.

After seeing player support for the game, the developers are working hard to create more content before the game goes live on the app markets. This additional content they have been working on includes 25 new planets to claw for riches, a brand new Home, new collections of spaceships and spacesuits, and lots more.

On top of that, the developers have increased the pre-registration rewards. By hitting the 500k pre-registration milestone all pre-registered players along with the ones who got into early access will be able to claim 50 Style Tokens. The reward was initially going to be 25 of this item but it has since been increased.

Some other rewards can be claimed by logging in for 7 continuous days during the game’s official release. The style tokens grant 10 adorable spacesuits when you visit the Style Station, so make sure you collect these precious tokens when they are available.

Finally, an exclusive Spaceship will be unlocked for players to claim during the 7-day reward bonanza if the game manages to hit one million registrations. Also, the progress and purchases made during the early access will be reset and returned with extra bonuses respectively. It is advised to secure the account by connecting it to your Facebook account.

Claw Stars is now available to pre-register on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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