Get ready to do battle in this guide to Clash Of Kings: The West

Let battle commence

Get ready to do battle in this guide to Clash Of Kings: The West

Clash of Kings: The West could so easily have been called Clash of Kings: Just For The West, as all the epic battles and sieges featured in this hugely successful MMO have been designed specifically with the western market in mind.

No longer will players from mainland China hold the all the cards as a result of cheaper packs and IAP’s, with developer Elex Tech even going one step further by minimizing the impact of high tier purchases to tackle the pay to win tactics that plagued the first Clash of Kings.

That means a lot more emphasis on strategy – so with that in mind here’s a handy guide to help you on your conquering way..

Hitting the ground fast

If you’re a newcomer to Clash of Kings: The West and would like to get a head-start then you’ll definitely want to go through the game’s 2 minute guide to get you up to speed with the basics. Of course if you ever run into trouble, you can always ask your fellow players for advice.

Also remember not to be stingy with your gold. Being successful is all about sound investment, and one of the first places that you’re going to want to invest in is purchasing the extra builder. This will double your building speed - and when you’re trying to build a kingdom, speed is essential.

Another top tip for getting started is to never neglect your VIP status. This will come in very handy in the early stages and tasks for picking up cheap experience points and powerful buff.

The best defence is a good offence

Whether you like to build alliances or go it alone as a ‘lone wolf’, you’re going to need troops for your empire to succeed - so make sure to build plenty of hospitals and military tents.

Military tents are where you’ll assemble and train your soldiers (one of your first priorities when starting the game). Remember, without soldiers you can’t fight. Most importantly, upgrade your hospitals as soon as you can. This will save you loads of resources and training time in the long run - a stitch in time saves a hell of a lot of troops.

Let’s get questing

Your quests are always the best place to start in COKTW. They’ll gain you valuable experience points which are exactly what you’ll need to make fast progress early on. Quests will be triggered at randomly timed events so always be on the lookout and pay close attention to the text in order to know exactly how to activate them.

Whenever a quest isn’t available and you’re left scratching your head as to what to do next, you can always pick up EXP by vanquishing monsters and dragons.

I’m off to college

Technology is awesome, plain and simple. Not only is it giving you so many fun-filled hours playing COKTW but it might just prove to be the difference maker in forging a successful kingdom. If you want that technological edge that’s going to blow away your opponents, make sure that upgrading your college is high on the list of your priorities.

Might is right

The world of Clash of Kings can be a treacherous place so building a bad ass military is going to need to be at the top of your agenda. Resource gathering is never a bad thing but don’t focus too much on it in the early stages – your military comes first. Try to get the highest levels of Recruitment and Cartography as early on as you can to activate legion. After that you can focus on improving your soldier’s abilities to kick your opponents butt back to the Stone Age.

Every king deserves a few perks

If you’re going to be a King you should be entitled to at least a few luxuries. Fortunately Elex Tech is more than happy to oblige by giving you online reward packs minutes after logging on.

Simply check the interface on the left side of the screen to see pick up your rewards. On top of that, purchasing a monthly pack will entitle you to rewards and privileges every single day. Definitely an investment worth making.

You can find Clash Of Kings: The West on iOS and Android for free.