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Clash of Beasts, Ubisoft's strategy-based monster battler is out now on Android and iOS

Clash of Beasts, Ubisoft's strategy-based monster battler is out now on Android and iOS
| Clash of Beasts

Ubisoft’s new free-to-play fantasy strategy game Clash of Beasts is now out on Android and iOS. Set in the brutal fantasy world of Veren, featuring over 65 different kinds of creatures, Clash of Beasts will see players engage in exhilarating base-building, monster collecting, and action-packed PvP raid action.

Players assume the role of a mercenary, who has is able to emulate the prowess of the mysterious Beastmaster, allowing them to collect, breed, and command the plethora of the mythical creatures available in the world. Building an arsenal of these gigantic beasts is the core of Clash of Beasts as only they are capable of waging war against the enemies.

With dozens of beasts to choose from, each with their own unique attacks and affinities, there are numerous combat options to choose from. Players can find different monsters and create strategic teams that will give them an edge in different combat situations. What’s more, is that mercenaries can also fuse these creatures using the foraging system that allows for the creation of wholly new beasts. Fusing monsters with similar features could significantly amplify their power or even lead to the creation of versatile behemoths who have multiple characteristics.

Players don’t necessarily have to fight their foes alone. With the availability of global guilds, everyone can band together to conduct large-scale attacks against the enemy or even explore the massive world of Veren together to discover new monsters. Take on strongholds of other mercenaries for multiple rewards while also setting up your own using the roster of beasts and more than ten different defensive tower types. These towers feature effects ranging from freezing invading beasts to lighting them up on fire.

Expect to always be occupied with weekly events and seasonal quests that will reward players with rare beasts, exclusive skins and more. Seasons will change every quarter, introducing new gameplay modes and monsters with every update, alongside yearly chapters.

Download Clash of Beasts now for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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