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Chopper Commando brings action-packed, chopper-flying fun to iOS

Get to da choppa!

Chopper Commando brings action-packed, chopper-flying fun to iOS

Chopper Commando, from developer Tap Tap Good, is a modern, action-packed take on Atari classics like Barnstorming, River Raid, and Defender. It delivers a ton of fast-paced side-scrolling fun, and it’s now available on the App Store.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Chopper Commando is its striking, monochrome colour scheme which, for some, will be reminiscent of many Gameboy classics. Others might look at it and instantly be reminded of The Matrix’ iconic aesthetic – who’s to say?

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The game sees you piloting your powerful chopper through 100 varied missions across seven distinct worlds. The worlds themselves are randomly generated to allow for a higher level of replayability, though they still retain a hand-crafted feel and look.

You’ll have plenty of tricky enemies to blow up and outmanoeuvre, but you’ll also need to restock on ammunition and fuel as you go, so there’s a bit of a tactical edge to it, too.

At launch, there are five different choppers to choose from, seven unique weapons systems, as well as multiple fuel, weaponry, and shield power ups to collect. This means you’ll regularly be unlocking new and exciting gear to match the escalating difficulty. More advanced players will want to put some time into climbing the game’s leaderboards and achieving the highest scores possible.

Objectives remain varied throughout. One mission might task you with demolishing buildings, while the next could see you targeting enemy communication systems or conducting intense supply runs.

You can download Chopper Commando on the App Store right now. It’s fast-paced, fun, and free to play – so go check it out.