Chimeraland, the upcoming MMORPG based on classic Chinese mythology, is now available for pre-registration

Chimeraland, the upcoming MMORPG based on classic Chinese mythology, is now available for pre-registration
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Chimeraland is an upcoming open-world survival MMORPG that is now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS in select countries. It has been developed and published by Level Infinite.

About the game

It's an open-world MMORPG inspired by the classic Chinese text, The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Chimerland's open-world environment allows you to explore four continents spread over nine billion square feet of maps where you can hunt, look for treasure, and build homes. Your character is fully customizable. As you progress, you will get to upgrade accessories, weapons and abilities.

Earlier this year, in July, around 5000 players from Canada and the Philippines tested Chimeraland and the majority of them gave very positive reviews. However, it also became pretty clear that you will need a device with the latest specifications to run it smoothly.

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Chimeraland is now available for pre-registration in select countries

Level Infinite has started taking pre-registration for Chimeraland in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines through Google Play and the App Store. The developer has also promised many pre-registration rewards such as cowries, pet eggs and legendary pills. The pre-registration rewards will be credited to your in-game account when Chimeraland launches globally.

Chimeraland is a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases. Alongside mobile, it will also release on PC. If you are interested in getting it on your PC, you can pre-order on the official website.

When will Chimeraland release?

There are no details regarding when Chimeraland will be made available for pre-registration in other regions, and there are also no updates regarding the global launch date. We will make sure to update you when any news arrives. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on Chimeraland's official website and its Twitter handle to stay up to date.

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