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Chicken Police - Paint It Red! is a noir-inspired detective visual novel out now on iOS and Android

Chicken Police - Paint It Red! is a noir-inspired detective visual novel out now on iOS and Android

When night falls and crime calls, there’s no better pair to pluck out the clues than the Chicken Police. The Wild Gentlemen’s noir-inspired cop adventure is out now on Android and iOS devices, so players can walk through the dark and gritty world of classic noir films of the 1940s with a side of humour.

Chicken Police - Paint It Red! highlights a unique visual style that stays true to the aesthetic of the era. Using artistic photo manipulation set in stunning 3D backgrounds, the game effectively captures the overall tone and atmosphere of noir detective stories. This very distinct vibe is made more appealing with the original music soundtrack. Plus, there’s a touch of cynical humour here and there, because despite the dark tale, it’s still presented as a satire (and a welcome one at that).

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The stylistic visual novel promises an engaging narrative as you get to know the interesting cast of anthropomorphic characters throughout the game. Tasks involve interrogating key characters in Clawville and investigating clues, keeping in tune with classic adventure games as well. Scenes are dialogue-heavy, with fully voiced interactions from more than 30 characters (and over eight hours of spoken lines). There are also over 30 ever-changing locations to explore, and each time you return to a particular scene, you might just find something new.

You can join Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken in their investigations by downloading Chicken Police - Paint It Red! on the App Store and on Google Play for a premium price of $8.99. If you want to get a taste of the classic noir vibes, why not take a peek at the embedded trailer above?

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