Chaos Rings HD is quite a good idea reckons producer

Many revising and adjustments required though

Chaos Rings HD is quite a good idea reckons producer
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Square Enix may be bringing its latest RPG offering to iPad, if a Facebook note from producer Takehiro Ando is anything to go by.

The iPhone edition of Chaos Rings was released on the 20th April to critical acclaim, and quickly became the top-grossing iPhone release of the week.

Release chaos

Ando originally made the point that there was not a special version of Chaos Rings under development for iPad, although he did say, "May be I should develop “CHAOS RINGS HD” if many people loved iPhone CHAOS RINGS."

Today Ando made a new post on Facebook called "CHAOS RINGS HD??"

In the post, he had this to say: "I was moved to try CHAOS RINGS HD on iPad. Creators in Media Vision [the game's developer] are so nice and clever that actually the game launched and moved! It was so exciting and impressive, especially battle scenes!"

He went on to note that "Of course it needs many revising and adjustments, but now I seriously think CHAOS RINGS HD is quite a good idea, if CHAOS RINGS is appreciated."

So it sounds like the success of Chaos Rings on iPhone has spurred Square Enix on to consider an iPad version.

Let's hope it follows through!