Square Enix's Gold Award-winning RPG Chaos Rings is heading to PS Vita

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Square Enix's Gold Award-winning RPG Chaos Rings is heading to PS Vita
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If the news on Monday about Chaos Rings Sigma being a social RPG has left you in a bit of a funk, then maybe the following piece of information might cheer you up a notch.

Yep, it's true: the original Chaos Rings is heading to Vita.

So, okay, it'll be available via PlayStation Mobile, but it has been optimised for Sony's powerhouse portable. This means it could well be the definitive version of Squeenix's RPG.

If you're not familiar with Chaos Rings, let me enlighten you. "Pretty standard JRPG setup." There you go. Done.

More seriously, Chaos Rings centres on a story about a group of couples dragged into a bizarre world and forced to fight for their lives.

There are plenty of battles with monsters, some puzzles to solve, and a deep storyline here. The fact that it's created by Media.Vision, the developer behind the excellent Wild Arms series, is just the icing on the cake.

We gave Chaos Rings a highly coveted Gold Award when we reviewed it on iOS devices three years ago. We described it as "a marriage of great graphics and solid role-playing".

Chaos Rings is scheduled for release on PlayStation Mobile in Japan at the end of July. It'll be priced ¥800, which is about $8.

Right now, though, there's no word about a Western release. We have all of our appendages crossed that there will be one, mind.

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Harry Slater
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