Chaos Rings takes the fight for eternal life to Android

Square Enix releases expensive RPG port, world spins off axis

Chaos Rings takes the fight for eternal life to Android
| Chaos Rings

Fantasy RPG Chaos Rings has journeyed beyond the confines of the App Store and fulfilled its quest to conquer Google Play.

That's right, JRPG fans: Square Enix's turn-based tale of love, friendship, and eternal life is now available on Android devices.

After choosing two characters (one guy, one gal), you must pit your pairing against other couples in the Ark Arena, a tournament in which combatants must fight to the death.

Of course, you'll have to face all manner of weird and wonderful beasties before you reach the final fight, and solve some brain-teasing spacial puzzles for good measure.

As with most of Square Enix's mobile catalogue, it ain't cheap - £8.99 / $12.99, to be precise. However, we did give it a Pocket Gamer Gold Award on iOS, so there's fun to be had if you're prepared to invest some gold / gil / actual money.

You can download Chaos Rings from Google Play now [buy].

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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