Square Enix lifts rooted device ban on Chaos Rings

Apology rings hollow

Square Enix lifts rooted device ban on Chaos Rings
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The Android port of Chaos Rings will now run on rooted devices after Square Enix made good on its earlier promise and released a patch for the game.

Many Android owners were excited when Chaos Rings came over to Google Play, and with good reason: the iOS version of Chaos Rings rung up a Pocket Gamer Gold Award when it was released in 2010.

But the excitement surrounding the Android release soon turned sour - Square Enix ported Chaos Rings in such a manner that it would not run on rooted Android devices.

Quick turnaround time

Becuase Square Enix did not mention this incompatibility in the game's listing, those with rooted Android devices who paid £8.99 / $12.99 for Chaos Rings were understandably upset.

It's still not clear if Square Enix choose to make Chaos Rings incompatible with rooted devices as an honest mistake or in an attempt to curtail piracy, but at least it was quick to resolve the issue.

The release of the Android fix for the "temporary block" against rooted devices came just days after Square Enix promised to patch Chaos Rings with a version update.

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