Hit PC adventure game Ceville coming to iPhone

Visit the arch-villain rehabilitation clinic

Hit PC adventure game Ceville coming to iPhone
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PC gamers out there will undoubtedly know the name Kalypso Media from hot computer titles like Sins of a Solar Empire, AGON - The Lost Sword of Toledo, Tropico 3 and the hilarious point and click adventure Ceville.

After the success of classic adventure game conversions like Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, Kalypso has dropped us a line to say it's also getting in on the iPhone craze with an arcade action adaptation of Ceville, due this December.

"In addition to our boxed retail distribution and global digital distribution, we are now expanding our business activities by developing and releasing our first iPhone/iPod Touch game," says Kalypso's Simon Hellwig. "Starting with our own brand, Ceville, this pilot project will help us determine the extent of our expansion into mobile gaming activities in 2010."

Ceville (check out a review of the PC game here) follows the adventures of the eponymous anti-hero - an evil and sarcastic tyrant thrown from power and forced to journey the kingdom he once ruled with his sidekick Lilly as you attempt to put him back in power.

Along the way you meet a rich assortment of characters (the Tinkerbell-esque fairy who runs a rehabilitation clinic for arch-villains being a personal favourite) who help Ceville to change his ways and get back in the throne.

The iPhone adaptation promises more of a three level arcade, point-scoring experience than the original adventure, but still includes the same characters, graphics, music and full voice-overs in English and German.

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