Adventure runner Cartoon Survivor brings Looney Tunes-like capers to iOS on May 28th

It's not Looney Tunes but it'll do

Adventure runner Cartoon Survivor brings Looney Tunes-like capers to iOS on May 28th
| Cartoon Survivor

Spunge Games has let us know that its adventure runner Cartoon Survivor will be out for iOS on May 28th. Yep, that's next week.

We brought it to your attention last month but here's a reminder for those who need it.

You play as Doo Doo the Dodo across a series of themed levels from made-up cartoon shows. The first is a Jurassic one full of dinosaurs, lava, and cavemen (it's not accurate but it is a cartoon after all).

Doo Doo runs automatically so you only have to steer by tilting your device. You can also tap to jump, and if you hold your finger or thumb down, Doo Doo will glide while in the air.

If you make a mistake in your run it doesn't matter as much as it does in, say, an endless runner. The only penalty you incur is slowing down.

This only means you may miss out on all three golden stars. The idea is to be quick as there's a stick of dynamite on Doo Doo's back.

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However, slowing down can help you explore the levels more thoroughly, and it's worth doing. There are three trophies in each, coins to collect, and hidden paths to find.

With the coins you collect (or buy through IAPs) you can unlock new skins for Doo Doo as well as new helmets. The first one I bought was a, ahem, farting helmet. You've got to, haven't you?

It's not exactly Looney Tunes but Cartoon Survivor does have its silly moments. For example, I have just piloted a farting dodo over a dinosaur's head as if to say "Screw you extinction, I'm cheating history."

If you're into that kind of humour then you may want to pick Cartoon Survivor up next week.