Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team collaborates with the J. League and will feature characters like Shun Nitta in-game

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team collaborates with the J. League and will feature characters like Shun Nitta in-game

KLab’s head-to-head football game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is collaborating with the J. League! All players in-game will don the official J. League uniforms from the 2021 season. The collaboration event will also feature numerous in-game missions to complete. The campaign is set to feature players like Shun Nitta and many more.

J. League Selection Transfer

New players sporting the J. League kits will make their way to the transfer window. This will include characters like Ken Wakashimazu, Hiroshi Jito, and Mitsuru Sano. Transfer bonuses can also be earned in the form of J. League VI Medals when exchanging new SSR players. All these footballers will have Level 10 Main Special Skills.

J. League Selection Transfer Shun Nitta

This window will feature Shun Nitta and some other players. In this Transfer players can earn J. League VII Medals as a transfer bonus for exchanging SSR players. Again, these players will have Level 10 Main Special Skills. Shun Nitta can be obtained from the 10th step of the Step-Up Transfer which is unfortunately paid only.

J. League Daily Scenarios

Throughout the event, limited scenarios will be accessible once per day. They will give tempting rewards like Black Ball (SSR0s and Hero Medals. Hero Medals II can be traded for New SSR Players Nobuyuki Yumikura (V Tokyo), a SSR Player Guaranteed Transfer Ticket, and much more.

J. League Daily Missions

Earn items like Dreamballs, Dream Pot Transfer Tickets, and Black Ball (SSR)s by completing various special event missions.

J. League Collab Login Bonus Part 1

Simply by logging in, players can get Dreamballs, SSR Nobuyuki Yumikura (V Tokyo), Black Ball (SSR)s, and multiple other prizes.

Dreamball Exchange

The Dreamball Exchange can be used to obtain uniforms for all 42 teams participating in the 2021 Meiji Yasuda J1 League and the 2021 Meiji Yasuda J2 League.

The Worldwide Release 4th Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus will also last until December 4th, gifting players loads of rewards as we draw closer to Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team’s fourth anniversary. The Returner Campaign is for users who haven’t played the game in over a week. It will provide some extra records to bring you up to speed once again.

Get your favourite J. League kits by downloading Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for free on the App Store and Google Play. The event will run until December 10th.

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