Capoeira takes the footloose fighting style mobile

More Brazilian moves on your handset in world's first capoeira game

Capoeira takes the footloose fighting style mobile
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With the World Cup kicking off today (4pm – bagsie the comfy sofa) it's perhaps fitting that a distinct Brazilian theme seems to be emerging. Yesterday the home of the footie world champions gave us Total Control, Ronaldinho's first solo mobile game, and today that's been followed up by more smooth moves in Capoeira from Kato games.

Based upon the martial art that combines fighting and dancing (a bit like a night out in Newcastle), this is the first simulation of its kind on mobile – indeed as far as we know on any gaming format (although one of the characters in classic beat-'em-up Tekken have a distinctly Brazillian spring in their step).

Good news for those of us that can barely spell 'capoeira', never mind perform its back-wrenching and outlandish moves, the game enables you to blend art and acrobatics using hand-based dexterity alone. But this is definitely no 'one-thumb' game – it requires increasingly complex button combinations to pull off moves such as the 'martel', 'meia lua' and 'queixada' on screen en route to becoming the chief 'capoeirista'.

The developer Kato games also promises fluid animations against some suitably inspiring scenery – including the Amazon, Corcovado and streets of Salvador – plus an energetic 'batacuda' backing track.

There's no firm UK release date as yet, but we'd expect to see it samba-ing onto your cell in the next month or two.

Click 'Track It!' to hear more when we do; after all this talk of physical activity, we're going off to indulge in that other Brazilian art of having a nice lie down in the sunshine.

Chris James
Chris James
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