Candy Crush All Star's 2024 edition has finally concluded as we've found our champion

The fourth iteration of the massive tournament sees another successful run

Candy Crush All Star's 2024 edition has finally concluded as we've found our champion
  • Ohio's Ben Parker Chin takes home $500,000 and an iconic ring for winning first place
  • Suzanne Sundström from Sweden and Verissa Thomas from Atlanta come second and third
  • 15 million players took part in the tournament

King’s intense tournament, the 2024 Candy Crush All Stars has finally concluded after a riveting two months. We’ve witnessed some absolute thrillers in the fourth iteration of this competition and the grand finale was no less. It took place live in Los Angeles, California, where some of the biggest Candy Crush players participated in hopes of being crowned the ultimate champion.

The 2024 Candy Crush All Stars final was a nail-biting event that was hosted by Brie Garcia. The ten finalists went head-to-head until one victor emerged, which was the 23-year-old Ohio inhabitant, Ben Parker Chin. He was crowned Candy Crush All Stars Champion of 2024, taking home a whopping $500,000 and a championship ring from Icebox inspired by the original All Stars candies.

a jewellry box with a ring inside

It wasn’t an easy ride for Ben Parker either. When the tournament began in March, Chin was still recovering from surgery. He said that he used this time to strategize and that’s what earned him this victory. Ben was joined by Suzanne Sundström, from Stockholm, Sweden, and Verissa Thomas, from Atlanta, who finished second and third, winning $250,000 and $100,000, respectively.

The entire tournament featured a humongous prize pool of $1 million and you didn’t even need to be an expert to enter. The competition was free for everyone and began on March 28th. Over 15 million players took part in several rounds which involved collecting as many All Stars purple candies as possible. A staggering 11.4 trillion candies and 2.2 billion levels later, we finally had a winner.

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Don’t worry if you missed out on this edition of the tournament because it will be back next year. Until then, you can prepare by downloading Candy Crush Saga for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website for more information.

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