Call of War, a mobile grand-strategy WWII themed game, launches its biggest update yet

Call of War, a mobile grand-strategy WWII themed game, launches its biggest update yet
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The critically acclaimed grand strategy mobile game Call of War from German studio Bytro has released its next big 2.0 update, introducing lots of interface adjustments alongside revamps to both the mobile and desktop versions of the game. After being teased for months, Call of War is finally getting a ton of quality-of-life updates that players have been asking for for quite some time.

Let’s go over some of what’s new! First off, you’ll immediately be able to spot the main menu changes, as the buttons leading to sub-menus have been redone with a very sleek, modern design. Instead of having to dig around for the menu options you need, they will all now be presented in a much more efficient and quick manner, saving you the vital time you need when you’re under attack or in the midst of a war.

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The actual in-game battle map has been adjusted too, keeping the same sort of dated and time-worn design but with clearer edges and a generally more crisp outline. On top of this, players will now be able to create their own command center by pinning all of your armies, provinces, and units in one area. This allows for instant access to your entire arsenal all in one place, making orders move much quicker when you need them to.

There are no significant gameplay changes to speak of here, as the 2.0 update for Call of War was specifically meant to just streamline things and make the game look generally better as a whole. Judging by these screenshots, I’d say they did a bang-up job on that front. The same nail-biting, challenging strategic gameplay is still here, and has not been touched at all.

Call of War is a pretty successful little war-sim strategy game, harkening to inspirations like Hearts of Iron or even Crusader Kings as a mobile option for a good 4X strategy session. If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can check it out at either link below this article!

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