Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a thrilling tenth season to close out 2023

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a thrilling tenth season to close out 2023

Every year, Activision ends the year with a bang as the final season for Call of Duty Mobile goes live. 2023 is a special one as the wildly popular multiplayer shooter is about to turn four. As a result, Season 10 of CODM has been titled 4th Anniversary, and it comes with a plethora of new content as players infiltrate the Atlas Corporation’s global summit on Memnos Island.

Battle Pass

As part of the free tiers for Season 10: 4th Anniversary, players can get their hands on a new Gunship Scorestreak, the Bruen MK9 LMG, and loads of camos and weapon blueprints. Premium Pass holders will be further awarded with masquerade-themed Operator Skins like Ether — Bird of Paradise, David Mason — Maestro, Domino — Nocturne, and Beatrice — Midnighter and exclusive weapon blueprints.

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Ground War: Breach

A new mode is being added to Ground Wars with this update. It features high-octane 16v16 battles on Memnos Island, where players are divided into attackers and defenders. The former must take over all capture points while the latter need to stop that from happening. A captured point cannot be retaken so defenders will have to keep the attackers back by any means necessary.

Players can choose from one of four classes – Vanguard, Rescue, Infiltrator, and Technician before diving into battle.

Memnos Island

The new mode’s map has been specifically created for the game, and it is CoDM’s largest multiplayer map ever. Filled with ancient ruins, new buildings, and a secret base, Memnos Island has it all. Before getting into Ground War: Breach, players must complete a solo mission on the island that will familiarize them with the overarching fourth-anniversary narrative.

Return of The Club

Originally featured in the first-anniversary celebration, The Club returns with new spaces such as the dance floor and boxing ring. Players are free to interact with their buddies as well as other NPCs here as everyone relaxes and participates in various minigames.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 10: 4th Anniversary releases on November 8th at 4:00 pm PT.

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