Call of Dragons, the highly anticipated MMOSLG, will launch on Android and iOS by the end of this month

Call of Dragons, the highly anticipated MMOSLG, will launch on Android and iOS by the end of this month
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Farlight Games have opened pre-registrations for their upcoming MMOSLG, Call of Dragons back in August last year. After that, we’ve seen a couple of teasers that introduced the new Giant Bear Behemoth and all the Artifact skills. The Dislyte developers have finally revealed the launch date for the highly anticipated game, and it’s sooner than you think.

Call of Dragons is releasing on mobile and PC on March 28th. The game is a culmination of fantasy themes and real-time strategic combat on a battlefield you can keep zooming into. Players will have to raise a powerful army and fortify their village, to protect it from enemies. Fire-breathing Behemoths are also there to help in this conquest of controlling surrounding kingdoms and building alliances.

The game takes place in the land of Tamaris which is populated by massive creatures called Behemoths. They will be a fabulous addition to the players’ teams, provided they manage to slay them first. It’s definitely better to have them on your side rather than go against them thanks to all the skills they offer in battle.

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These Behemoths aren’t the only inhabitants of Tamaris. Players will also come across the different natives of the land, each with their unique combat styles. Travel with orcs that are extremely fond of pastries or enlist elvish archers with magical capabilities. There are hundreds of companions with distinctive personalities on this journey.

But the most important part of Call of Dragons lies in the name itself, Dragons! From a little hatchlings, to fully grown beasts, players will be raising their own army of dragons. Enemy dragons can also be slain and added to the squad. In addition to this, other bosses can also be tamed. The ultimate goal is successfully capturing the Imperial Dragon.

Players can venture out into the land of Tamaris in a couple of weeks when Call of Dragons launches on mobile and PC. You can pre-register by clicking on either link below.

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