Call of Dragons introduces season 2 with new characters, artifacts, and game modes

Call of Dragons introduces season 2 with new characters, artifacts, and game modes

Farlight Games has just kicked off a brand new season in Call of Dragons, which brings a plethora of content to their hit fantasy conquest game. This seasonal reset features a wide variety of events including more playable heroes, artifacts, and a gameplay mode alongside several improvements.

Call of Dragon introduces two new characters in their second season, Theodore and Forondil. Theodore belongs to the League of Order and is a high-ranking and heavily armoured knight. His name is always taken with the Consul of Aurion. If you're interested in learning more about other characters, read the Call of Dragons tier list.

Number two on the list is Forondil, who may be a druid by lineage but is a true warrior at heart. He may be treated as an outcast, but Forondil uses his shapeshifting abilities to forge his own destiny. His role involves undertaking surveillance missions, supporting reinforcements from Taramis, and keeping the elusive Fourth Plague in check.

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Accompanying the new characters is the Featherweight artifact. While it looks like a regular Forest Eagle Feather, its power is unimaginable. The item contains the Oath of Stormpeak, which is a powerful talisman that is perfect for Cavalry Heroes. It summons an identical clone of players’ Legions which deals 90% but takes a massive 1600% enemy damage in return.

The update further introduces Proving Grounds, a new game mode where players can band together with their friends and engage in challenging missions. Alliance team members must capture as many Ancestor Statues as they can while simultaneously defeating Dwarven Guardians and other players.

Finally, players should note that a seasonal reset means their levels are back to zero and alliances have been disbanded too. Former members can still be found for a week, so it remains possible to recreate the same teams, albeit for a short time.

Check out the new update by downloading Call of Dragons now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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