Criterion's Burnout Crash! coming to iOS

Pile up, pile up

Criterion's Burnout Crash! coming to iOS
| Burnout Crash!

EA has announced that it will publish Criterion Games's Burnout Crash! on iOS.

The game, which came out on PSN and XBLA last month, concentrates on the destructive element of the popular Burnout series, challenging you to cause as much damage as you can by driving a vehicle into a busy junction.

In a departure from the high-spec arcade racing the series is known for, Burnout Crash! is a casual top-down affair, making it a fairly natural fit for iOS.

EA has revealed that the game will feature touchscreen (rather than tilt) controls, aftertouch, combo multipliers, three games modes, 18 junctions, and six locations. The soundtrack will include tracks by Vanilla Ice and Gloria Estefan.

Burnout Crash! for iPhone and iPad will be available “this holiday season”. It'll be Criterion's first game for iOS.