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Bump off farmyard critters with Z Play’s Bump Hero

May not be suitable for vegetarians

Bump off farmyard critters with Z Play’s Bump Hero

You’re a chef in need of some ingredients. It just so happens those ingredients are alive and not too keen on becoming dinner.

That’s the premise of Bump Hero, the new puzzle game from indie publisher ZPlay, created by LemonJam Studio.

You have to navigate across isometric maps one hop at a time, chasing after the likes of cows, chickens and pigs. Once you bump into one of the critters, they’re stored in your inventory as ingredients. The aim is to corral as many animals as possible in each level. There are also coins to collect that unlock additional characters for you to control, with a total of 16 available.

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As shown in the trailer, the controls for Bump Hero are straightforward - you simply tap left or right to move in that direction. The faster you tap, the quicker you build up your Fever bar. Fill it all the way up and you enter Fever mode where herds of farmyard animals will pop up for you to bump off. One tap too far though - and you’ll fall off the map, so you have to be accurate.

The graphics are colourful and retro, with characters as square as the geometric maps and livestock rendered a la Minecraft. A suitably quirky soundtrack accompanies the action, and every time you bump heads with an animal there’s a satisfying ‘smack’ straight out of a kung fu movie.

So if you love your mobile games simple and addictive, or you’ve got a grudge against your animals in Farmville, then download Bump Hero now from the Google Play Store. For iOS users - Bump Hero will also be available from iTunes on August 18th.