Brixity releases its first content update after release, titled Intercity Express

Brixity releases its first content update after release, titled Intercity Express

It’s been a month since the Devsisters released Brixity, their sandbox city builder game on Android and iOS. Today, the studio has just dropped the first-ever content update, which brings in loads of new features. Titled Intercity Express, players can expect to find new Popos, more seasonal Brix, and a storyline that takes place on a newly opened train station.

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Ten new Pipos are making their way to Earth in Brixity’s latest update. Five of them sport an Intercity Express theme while the remaining half follows an Artisan Workshop theme. A few of them will play an important role in this season’s story, particularly Alistair Watson, a space railroad engineer, and Mabel Alves the watchmaker.

Next up are 20 new special Brix such as the Limited Express Train Locomotive and the High-Speed Train Locomotive, both of which are S-Rank Brix. As their name suggests, they can be used to build railroads between buildings, leading to the creation of new scenery and infrastructure for the city.

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Further, a new Mileage System is being implemented, which will make it simpler to earn seasonal Brix. After selecting the special Brix for the season, players will continue to earn miles that can be exchanged for the special Brix. This mileage will be applicable only for that particular season, post which it will be converted into regular Brix mileage.

Meanwhile, a number of other special events are also taking place. A total of four of them will go live, giving players the opportunity to earn valuable rewards by completing challenges or just by logging into the game. And to top it off, the Earth Restoration Centre gets a boost as the number of levels have been increased to 34 from 30.

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