Brave: A Warrior's Tale announced for PSP

Go on a quest through the wilderness and talk to the animals

Brave: A Warrior's Tale announced for PSP
| Brave: A Warrior's Tale

SouthPeak Games has announced its working with Evolved Games to bring Brave: A Warrior's Tale to PSP. The game is being developed by Collision Games and is set to be released worldwide this autumn.

It's a remake of the original Brave on PS2, but one which has been expanded and loaded with updated features and unlockable content. It's also had a visual overhaul and updated storyline.

The game will put players on a quest to protect their tribe from sources of evil, which apparently involves travelling through untamed wilderness and communicating with various animals. As well as chatting to them, main character Brave can also embody the different animals in order to battle with enemies.

Set 70 years after the events of the original game, SouthPeak describes A Warrior's Tale as an unusual style of video game storytelling with console-specific gameplay. It's being released on PSP, as well as Wii and Xbox 360, although there's no information on how it will differ on the different formats.

There's no screenshots of it in action yet but hopefully some will arrive soon. Click 'Track It!' to be kept up to date on all the Brave news prior to its release.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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