Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima goes live on iPhone

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Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima goes live on iPhone

The original brain training game, originally released on the DS under the guidance of Japanese neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima, was announced for the iPhone just a couple of short weeks ago, and has landed on the App Store already.

The new iPhone version has seen quite a significant redesign to the DS game, though follows much the same regime when it comes to pumping up your neurons.

Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima involves a series of maths, observation and logic puzzle to quantify your neural capacity and help you to improve it with a daily workout.

But thanks to the iPhone's inherent connectivity, we now have Facebook Connect included, so you can upload your brain for your friends to look at, and adds in four player multiplayer on a single handset using a pass-to-play system.

You'll be able to unlock new games as you progress, and as always there's a full Sudoku system included for anyone who wants a bit of extra training between the Dr's daily tests.

Hit 'Buy It!' to go and wrap your brain around Dr Kawashima's neural dumbbell.

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