MaxNic shoots up steampunk crates with artillery in BoxBattle

Cogs meets Ragdoll Blaster on iPhone and iPad

MaxNic shoots up steampunk crates with artillery in BoxBattle
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2D physics-based shooters - the App Store just can't get enough of 'em it seems. So alongside Ragdoll Blaster, Fragger, Physics Gamebox, Newton's Cannonball and the like comes BoxBattle.

Developed by MaxNick, it takes a similar art style to puzzler Cogs in terms of its mechanically driven steampunk visuals, while the gameplay is all about moving your on-rails cannon to a good position, selecting the correct ammunition and then sliding your cannon's trigger mechanism to fire at the right momentum.

Knock a box

Your goal is to knock green boxes off their platforms while avoiding damaging the red boxes.

Each shot uses up some resources tagged via your selection of ammunition. There are 10 variants, ranging from different shot weights to attributes such as freeze, fire and bounceability. The more powerful and exotic, the more expensive.

In terms of the length of the game, there are 130 levels to work through, each offering different puzzles, fortications and challenges.

Medals are awarded for completing each level, and there are optional tasks which let you adjust the difficulty level to match your style. Ranks and leaderboards are handling using the OpenFeint social network.

There's also variations in terms of the releases. The basic paid game is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad priced $1.99, €1.59 or £1.19.

There's also a free Lite version, in which you get 12 levels and additional levels are available as in-app purchases. Finally the iPad-only BoxBattle HD with 42 levels costs $3.99, €2.99 or £2.39.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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