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Bowling Crew lets you take on players around the world in 1v1 games, available now for iOS and Android

Duel it out at the alleys.

Bowling Crew lets you take on players around the world in 1v1 games, available now for iOS and Android

Bowling Crew is a wacky new sports experience that is inspired by other popular games. It has an approach similar to games such as Golf Clash with its distinctive quirky nature. It's a 1-on-1 bowling game where the games are quick and easy to play. You can either play against your friends, or you can tackle the world.

Quick playing multiplayer games have become extremely popular on mobile and with bowling in the fold, there's a whole new option for gamers. This style of approach fitted perfectly within the world of mobile gaming.

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If you're low on time, you can get in some fast bowling action with your buddies. So that's nice, especially since bowling can take a while if you aren't getting strikes left and right.

There are a couple of ways you can take part in the fun. You can either squad up and join a crew or you can create one if you want to take charge at the alleys. However you choose to play, the goal will always be the same. And that is; being the best pro-bowler you can possibly be.

Aside from teaming up to dominate the lanes, there are a ton of vibrant, colourful locations for you to play on. There are also some sweet, customized bowling balls to choose from that fit your personality at the bowling alley.

Some of the cool alleys you can play include a cruise ship and an Egyptian themed lane, with a pyramid in the background and all. Oh, and you can play at a good old regular bowling alley too if you wish.

For balls, you can use what appears to be a bocce ball or even an eyeball among other options. So Bowling Crew allows you to show off your style in many ways.

Bowling Crew is available now for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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