Bang, Bang - Bomberman’s Back

Lots of game on offer with eight-way multiplayer plus 100 single player levels

Bang, Bang - Bomberman’s Back
| Bomberman DS

If you think too much about Bomberman - a cheeky bomb-wielding pyromaniac who prefers to blow things up rather than talk through his problems - he’s not the sort of role model you’d encourage the kids of today to copy. Invented in a less violence age, Bomberman has however managed to avoid being banned for semi-terrorist acts and instead is enjoying a new lease of life. Because if there’s one thing Bomberman does well it’s make a good puzzle game. Like his puzzle contemporaries Pac-Man, Mr Driller and Bust-A-Move(Man!), Bomberman is just a means to an end. If he was Su Doku-Man he’d be dropping numbers, or letters if Wordsearchman, but as it is he’s Bomberman, so bombs are what he drops; it’s nothing personal.

Which prolonged introduction brings us to the latest version; Bomberman DS. In many ways, it’s the standard Bomberman experience - place bombs to blow things up while making sure you don’t blow yourself up in the process. And there will be plenty to occupy your time with over 100 levels promised.

There are a couple of DS-specifics too. One nice touch is the game combines both DS screens as one to create big levels, although the touchscreen will be used for accessing the menu. There’s also sound-recognition, so you can shout out battle commands to order Bomberman around. The final DS option is the eight player Wi-Fi head-to-head mode, which seems certain to be a completely manic experience.

Just released in the US, Bomberman DS will be out in the UK on 30 June.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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