App Army Assemble: Bluk

Monument Birds

App Army Assemble: Bluk

Imagine if Monument Valley was a high score chaser, and you played as a block instead of a princess. That game would pretty much be Bluk, which does a great job of emulating the aesthetics of its influencer.

It's addictive stuff. You have to slingshot a block across a series of pillars, and gain a point for each one you land on. Land in the sweet spot (represented as a white square in the centre of the pillar) and you get extra points. Miss the pillar entirely, and you have to start all over again.

There are different worlds you can unlock by collecting runes, and each of these have their own style and increase in difficulty. So plenty of challenge and content to throw yourself into.

We'll have our thoughts for you in the full PG review shortly, but in the meantime, read on to learn what our hardened team of mobile games experts in the App Army thought.

Kainen Ryan

I'm of two minds. At first I was taking it easy but the true fun is in the leap of faith mechanic.

You pull back and leap as far as you can to try and land on the pillar just after the next one. It won't keep you hooked for very long but it makes you feel like a daredevil.

GGod Hand

I'm really loving this game. The concept is simple - you drag to launch your block from pillar to pillar using a mechanic similar to the bird sling in Angry Birds.

It requires precision, memory, strategy, and, most importantly, observation - judging the difference between pillars is the key to success.

The art design is beautiful (it reminds me of Monument Valley), the music has a nice tone, and the controls are really solid. I normally stay away from high score chasers, but this is definitely an exception.

It's level-based so there's likely an ending. I've only reached level two but the colours and scenery have changed a bit between levels.

I highly recommend this game, especially if you're itching for a challenge.

Laura Egri

I'm not a fan of high score chasers but this one has a certain appeal. Isometric games are quite trendy at the moment, likely because they offer a perspective that's comfortable but challenging when it comes to picking the right path.

You have to slingshot your block between pillars, which are placed on different heights. This involves picking the right strategy and a degree of skill.

Overall it's a nice puzzler that will fill up your break times. It's challenging enough to keep you busy in the short term, but it will likely become repetitive at some point.

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