Blon the blob hops his way into pre-orders for Android and iOS devices

Blon the blob hops his way into pre-orders for Android and iOS devices
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Here’s another game you mobile gamers will want to pre-order. It’s Lazy Kiwi and PID Games’ Blon, a challenging platformer that will be releasing on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on September 7th, 2021.

Well, who is Blon? Blon, is a blob and you will be playing as him in an extremely catchy and colourful 2D world. It follows a pixel art style and looks really cool. Now, what is Blon’s motive? Who is he chasing?

That would be his wicked brother. This brave blob must scour over a myriad of environments jumping across platforms, sliding through regions, all in pursuit of his notorious brother so he can find the stolen treasure.

Check out the features of the game:

  • 7 stages and biomes to explore
  • 16 heroes to unlock
  • Custom gear to equip to characters
  • Unlockable skills
  • 21 bosses to defeat
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Looking at the features and trailer, it is clear that Blon will not be your regular platformer. It features gear customization and boss battles with an endless runner setup to make gameplay much more challenging and unique. So, upgrade your equipment to make survival easier in this unforgiving world.

You will be going through several different biomes in the game like open greens, dark caves, lush green forests, the frozen tundra, the depths of the ocean and even in space! Each biome will have its own set of rules and will be distinct from the others. Blon’s brother seems very hard to find.

You can also play with Blon’s other friends and evolve all their skills to unleash your true strength. I mean, you’re probably already quite strong since you can travel in space, but you can keep getting stronger. Oh, and bosses evolve.

Pre-order this fun-looking, yet challenging platformer can pre-order Blon now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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