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Best Heroes in Bleach: Brave Souls

Best Heroes in Bleach: Brave Souls

Want the best fighting team? Check out this list of heroes you do and do not want to have!

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Bleach the manga from Tite Kubo first came out in August 2001, while the anime came out in October 2004. The series remains popular to this day. In Bleach: Brave Souls, players embark on a 3D hack-and-slash adventure featuring characters from the manga, anime and novelizations. The game faithfully produces many of the stories Bleach has, featuring locations such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.

Every character is fully voiced and ready for battle. Additionally, all characters can be bought with different amounts of jewels, droplets, and character cards. Some characters are stronger than others, so use this list to determine who to acquire and who to avoid.

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S Tier - Ichigo Kurosaki, Fourth Anniversary – Fully Hollowfied Variation

This version of the titular hero was created for the fourth anniversary of Brave Souls, in a response to Orihime crying. When he’s like this, his sense of reasoning is lost, and his only desire is to kill.

This version has a six-star rarity with some very impressive stats, including over 1,000 points in stamina. He has a melee attack style, and his special move is Immanent God Blues, in which Ichigo fires an intense aerial Cero that inflicts immense damage.

S Tier - Yasutora “Chad” Sado, The Bond Variation

Silent but dangerous, Chad uses the power of his Fullbring to help Ichigo defend others from Hollows. Another melee fighter, he also has a six-star rarity and over 1,000 points in stamina. Chad may as well be as powerful as Ichigo. Thanks to his time in the Gonzales boxing gym, his special move involves his fists.

Called Brazo Izquierdo Del Diablo, this powerful punch infused with Spiritual Pressure not only causes incredible damage but also inflicts Paralysis. Who wouldn’t want to prevent the enemy from moving for a certain period of time?

S Tier - Kenpachi Zaraki, The Belief Variation

A scary guy known for his friendship with little pink-haired Yachiru Kusajishi, he’s a Soul Reaper Captain who eventually befriends Ichigo and co. He was also the one to defeat Giriko almost instantly. Ranked at six stars with impressive stats, Kenpachi is a powerful melee fighter you don’t want to mess with.

His special move is The Demon Awakens, which can cause a lot of damage and inflict Weaken on opponents. They may not go down instantly, but at least they’re easier to fight.

A Tier - Orihime Inoue, The Bond Variation

Idolized by her classmates, Orihime is a slightly air-headed girl with a big heart. She eventually gets involved with fighting Hollows and even helps Ichigo with his Fullbring training. Though not quite as powerful as the previously mentioned characters, she’s still a six-star with good stats.

Her attack style is ranged, and her special move is I Won't Hold You Back! This move does two things: heals all teammates and attacks enemies with Koten Zanshun. A healer and a powerful fighter? Sign us up!

A Tier - Yachiru Unohana/Retsu Unohana, Thousand-Year Blood War Variation

A classic example of being two-faced, this woman may look sweet initially, but she’s incredibly deadly in battle. Retsu, or Yachiru, was the original captain of Squad 11 and the first Soul Reaper to bear the title of ‘Kenpachi.’ Her second name, ‘Yachiru,’ means ‘eight thousand styles’ and references her impeccable sword skills. She’s a skilled healer, though she learned healing for the sole purpose of enjoying fighting forever.

With six stars and solid stats, it’s no wonder her own squad is afraid of her. A melee fighter, Retsu’s special move is Minazuki (All Things End), which heals herself and her teammates. Additionally, her special move can cause heavy damage and even has a chance to insta-kill an enemy. Stay out of her way unless you want to die.

A Tier - Ulquiorra Shifar, Third Anniversary Variation

Created for the game’s third anniversary, this is Ulquiorra’s ultimate form. With six stars and high stats, not to mention a cold heart, this melee fighter is deadly. His special move is Tormenta de Murcielago, which has him drawing whatever he sees into a blast that causes massive damage and inflicts Weaken.

He’s notable for kidnapping Orihime, though he never caused her any harm. It would’ve been interesting to see how Ulquiorra’s character would’ve developed if he hadn’t been killed off in the anime.

B Tier - Shukuro Tsukishima, Heart Variation

Though he never goes into a fight without a plan, he’s an amoral sociopath who doesn’t care about the suffering of others, not to mention he's very sadistic. He even mocks the pain others feel while he’s hurting them. A former member of Xcution, a secret organization of Fullbringers in the Human World, Shukuro is a six-star human with a very invasive power.

Shukuro is a melee fighter, and his Fullbring special move Book of the End can alter the past of anything it cuts. He can use this to give someone fake memories and torment them with the fakes. This causes a lot of damage and inflicts Weaken.

B Tier - Sojiro Kusaka, Movie 2 Variation

In his younger years, Sojiro was an idealist and was both friends and rivals with Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Unfortunately, the Soul Society forced them to fight each other over something trivial and he lost his life as a result. He was revived into a new body by the Ōin (King’s Seal) and became bent on revenge.

Often seen with a mask and cloak, Sojiro is a six-star melee fighter with ice powers. His special move is Frigid Barrage. This summons a massive ice dragon that freezes the surrounding area, causing massive damage and inflicting others with Freeze.

B Tier - Soi Fon, Thousand-Year Blood War Variation

Captain of the 2nd Division in the Gotei 13, Soi Fon is one of the most loyal and steadfast Shinigami around. She does, however, have a rather unhealthy obsession with Yoruichi Shihōin. She’s even gone so far as to try and take nude pictures of her.

Regardless, Soi Fon is a skilled five-star fighter who can do more than just use her sword. She trained her body to be just as powerful and is able to fight with just her body if needed. Her special move is Mukyu Shunko, which allows her to attack at high speeds and inflict immense damage.

C Tier - Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Japanese Parasol Variation

Hailing from Hueco Mundo, Nel Tu is an Arrancar who can switch between her child self and adult self. Despite being a Hollow, she fears the Shinigami and thinks that they’re the evil ones. She did get close to Ichigo and had something of a child-like affection for him, however.

A six-star melee fighter, this former 3rd Espada has a special move called Viento Bailar. She spins her parasol, creating a shockwave that not only inflicts massive damage but also causes Paralysis.

C Tier - Yoruichi Shihoin, Halloween Variation

More than just a woman who can turn into a black cat, Yoruichi is the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13. Additionally, she was a commander of the Onmitsukidō, and was also born a princess. She left both her posts after rescuing two of her friends from prison and escaping to the human world.

Though a six-star melee fighter, Yoruichi isn’t afraid to be playful, as her Halloween outfit references her cat form. Her special move is Catpunch Slash, in which she follows a scythe strike with a punch. This causes Paralysis and a lot of damage.

D Tier - Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Japanese Parasol Variation

Previously affiliated with Aizen's Arrancar Army as the 6th Espada, Grim is incredibly impulsive and extremely violent. The fact that he has a hair-trigger temper to boot makes him a dangerous opponent. Interestingly, he has some sense of honour, shown by not fighting an injured Ichigo. He even had Orihime come over and heal him.

Despite him being a melee and six-star, his stats don’t even breach the 1,000’s. As for Grim’s special move, the name of it contradicts his lethal demeanour. Called Manly Petals, his move creates confetti petals that damage and Paralyze anyone they touch. Talk about beautiful and deadly.

D Tier - Shuhei Hisagi, Tag Team – Resurrection Variation

Co-Lieutenant of the 9th Division with Mashiro Kuna, Shuhei dresses punk but is actually very calm. He knows how to fight but prefers to avoid violence. The spirit of his sword, Kazeshini, is the exact opposite in that he loves to fight and is merciless when doing so. Somehow, they’re able to work well together.

A six-star ranged and melee fighter, Shuhei is a two-man team. His special move is simply called Reap, a raging whirlwind and twin attack. Massive damage and Paralysis are soon to follow.

E Tier - Rukia Kuchiki, Valentine’s Day Variation

13th Division captain and wife of Renji Abarai, Rukia was the first Soul Reaper Ichigo ever met, and they’ve been friends ever since. Though often cool and modest, she’s a talented actor who loves anything rabbit-themed. She may be petite with lowish stats, but she’s still a six-star melee fighter, and not one to underestimate.

Her special move - in association with Valentine’s Day - is Chocolate Chappy, which attacks multiple enemies, causing immense damage and Paralysis.

E Tier - Ikkaku Madarame, The Lost Agent Variation

Rude and always looking for a fight, Ikkaku finds battle to be a fun pastime. Formerly the lieutenant of the 11th Division under Kenpachi, he believes in only fighting in one-on-one battles, as he views them as honourable. He refuses to travel anywhere without his sword, adding to his ‘always wanting to fight’ attitude.

A melee fighter with six stars, Ikkaku considers surviving an otherwise lost battle good luck. His special move is Hyakuryuken, which is a flurry of punches that can cause a lot of damage.

In the end, you can take a look at the complete Bleach Brave Souls tier list, where we have included every character that's currently out.

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