Blast Waves is a roguelike tactical arcade shooter launching for mobile later this month

Blast Waves is a roguelike tactical arcade shooter launching for mobile later this month
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Blast Waves is an upcoming tactical arcade shooter that is going to force you to strategize every move you make, because each shot counts. While most arcade shooters simply involve raining down hell on your enemies, Blast Waves will make you carefully analyse every bullet that comes out of your weapons.

Blast Waves is the work of Kyle Barrett, whose only goal is to make games that feel and look great. He has been part of larger gaming industry projects before and knows all the hard work, technology, and cost involved in them. His beliefs are contradictory in that he believes in making simple games based on one mechanic or idea that are really fun to play.

­This upcoming arcade shooter follows the same ideology. In Blast Waves, time only moves when you move, forcing you to think before acting. You are in charge of Halo-esque troopers who must fight and defeat everything that comes their way. Let’s face it. Most of these soldiers aren’t going to make it. But those that do will permanently be made commanders of your clone squad. The aim is to battle against the odds and try to survive as long as you can.

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The game features two modes, the first, a roguelike Survival Mode which involves building a character from scratch and then participating in battles to gain new abilities and weapons, all while trying to solve an intergalactic conflict. The second mode is Command Mode, an auto-battler that involves building and organizing squads, before trying to last as long as possible. Characters that make it through the Survival Mode will feature as leaders in the Command Mode.

Blast Waves contains over a hundred weapons, armour types, and gadgets that can be unlocked. Battles will take place across six biomes, all distinct from one another. There are multiple types of troops on both sides of the war, all with different movesets and skills to master. Each character will also have Holotags that record the unique exploits of each character.

Blast Waves launches on the App Store and Google Play on December 16th and will be available for a premium price of $3.99 USD.

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