Black Desert Mobile expands its roster with the new Twin Class fighter Woosa

Black Desert Mobile expands its roster with the new Twin Class fighter Woosa

Pearl Abyss has announced it will introduce a new class to Black Desert Mobile today. Woosa, comes from the PC version of the game and is a Twin Class hero who specializes in elemental attacks and the ancient Do Arts. Her main weapon is a fan that can use the power of Sagoonja to obliterate her enemies.

Woosa possesses a number of moves that make her quite a formidable fighter. Using Wingbeat, she can make the size of her fan larger to blow enemies back. The skill button just makes this stronger by creating more powerful winds. But the most effective way of using this is with the Sagoonja Plum which increases the attack speed too.

She is capable of messing around with a number of elements to knock out enemies. Using Stormfall, Woosa creates a massive storm that does loads of damage in a large area. The move has a long-range making it perfect to run through waves of monsters and bosses. Using it with her skills will do extra damage.

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Cloudrise is another one of Woosa’s moves that creates a dark cloud above the opponents causing a torrential downpour with tonnes of rain and lightning over them. It is the perfect move for making combos to additional damage. Her other two moves are Butterfly Step, which allows her to doge attacks by jumping up into the air and Enlightened, which is a passive ability that lowers PvP and skill damage from enemies.

On top of all this, there will be a couple of celebratory events to welcome Woosa. The Woodo School Training Prep Daily Missions will help players get their hands on training supplies and a number of rewards while Woosa’s Gift will grant everyone a Mysterious Power Chest that contains rare weapons.

Try out Woosa for yourself by downloading Black Desert Mobile now for free.

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