Black Desert Mobile welcomes new Maegu Awakening class to the fray

Black Desert Mobile welcomes new Maegu Awakening class to the fray

Pearly Abyss has just released a brand new content update for Black Desert Mobile, which brings yet another character to the game. The dazzling Maegu Awakening class joins the game, allowing players to channel their inner powers of the Mystical Fox Goddess. Doing so transforms Maegu into Hawryeong, an extremely powerful being with graceful moves.

Black Desert Mobile’s Maegu Awakening class bestows upon players the power of Foxfire, turning them into the agile and lethal Hwaryeong. Her weapon may look like an ordinary fan, but boy does it do some damage. Using Emberclaw Slash, she can very easily sweep away waves of enemies simultaneously, while Foxflare Fleche attacks anyone behind Hwaryeoung with a backflip.

Players can also make use of Twirling Rhapsody, which involves the character charging towards her side and attacking opponents with an elegant, dance-like spin. If you're wondering where the new hero stacks up against the rest, then check out this list of the best classes in Black Desert Mobile for different gameplay modes!

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Maegu Awakening’s arrival comes with two in-game events which players can take advantage of. The first is a Premium Login event that grants items like Black Pearls and Restoration Scrolls whereas the Support Event gives away Chaos Core, Emblems, and more for completing daily missions in less than 120 minutes. They will remain live until November 6th.

In addition, the Tax Wagon pre-season will kick off on October 28th. It features a massive battle between 100 players in the attacking team while 10 defend. Victors will be able to increase their Silver caches while receiving a bunch of other goodies as well.

Get your hands on the new character by downloading Black Desert Mobile by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Visit the official website for more information and follow the X page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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