Black Desert Mobile's Land of the Morning Light expansion goes live in a few days

Black Desert Mobile's Land of the Morning Light expansion goes live in a few days

Last month, Pearl Abyss unveiled the Land of the Morning Light expansion for Black Desert Mobile during their annual Heidel Ball event. It is one of the biggest updates yet and is set to introduce a tonne of new characters, locations, and bosses inspired by the Korean Joseon dynasty. In addition, a new season and Woosa Awakening also join the adventure RPG.

The Land of the Morning Light expansion in Black Desert Mobile dials the clock back to 1392, during which the Joseon dynasty ruled Korea. An immersive storyline that draws a lot of inspiration from popular folklore has been created, giving players the opportunity to meet iconic characters from Korean mythology - this includes Songakshi, the vengeful maiden ghost, and Bari, the Mudang Wraith.

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Some of these figures will appear in-game as bosses, including Songakshi, Bari, Golden Pig King, and Gumiho, the nine-tailed fox. Other challenging battles can be found in the Black Shine Boss Rush, which grants players the Flame of Hongik that can be used to craft high-tiered Dawnveil Gear. Players can get their hands on this resource by gathering Embers of the Flame of Hongik.

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Furthermore, 15 real-world locations have been digitized into in-game versions of historical landmarks. Players will be able to travel to villages inspired by the Joseon period or the Nampo Gate from the Sangdang Sanseong Fortress.

The cherry on top of it all is the new character, Choryeoung, also known as Woosa Awakening. She hails from the netherworld and can command the souls of the dead using a calligraphy brush. Her flowers of death offer the perfect defence as well. As a “Do” fighter, Choryeoung is capable of using both long-range and short-range attacks. On top of that, her flowers also inflict explosive damage and deal a confusion debuff to enemies.

The Land of the Morning Light expansion releases on September 26th. Download Black Desert Mobile now for free.

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