Black Desert Mobile's 'Great Ocean' expansion is out now on Android and iOS devices

See you at sea captain!

Black Desert Mobile's 'Great Ocean' expansion is out now on Android and iOS devices

We previously discussed Black Desert Mobile’s new Great Ocean expansion in Pocket Gamer’s Launchpad #5, and it is finally here. This nautical update will bring to players an entirely new area to explore that is flooded with features and activities.

Pearl Abyss has created a video that touches all bases on all the new inclusions in this expansion and you can check it out below.

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To play this update, players will need to have completed the North Valencia quests. The Great Ocean is an extremely vast region and much like the real ocean, it's under a blanket of fog which you can uncover as you sail through this vast body of water, fighting monsters, other pirates and looting islands.

Unleash your might with cannons that can obliterate anything that comes in your way, be it opponent ships, dangerous sea monsters or wretched pirates. The cannon has your back. It uses a simple mechanism of holding, aiming, and releasing the fire button, bombarding your way through fights couldn’t be easier.

Fishing is another activity you can now enjoy. Flocks of seagulls at one spot indicates there are fish here to catch and then exchange for valuable resources and material. The Great Ocean’s currency is Oquilla Coin and can also be used for trading.

You can also obtain coins by beating sea monsters, completing fish deliveries and other such activities.

black desert mobile great ocean expansion

Padix Pirate Island is the new battleground for players where they can fight against other pirates and win many riches. However, entry isn’t just open for all. Padix Pirate Island can be entered only if you possess an invitation to the island. And for this invitation, you’re going to need to loot one from sea monsters or other pirate ships.

So, begin your conquest today, and take control of the Great Ocean! Download Black Desert Mobile for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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