Birdie Crush is a fantasy golf game available for pre-registration on mobile

Birdie Crush is a fantasy golf game available for pre-registration on mobile
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Com2uS is releasing Birdie Crush, a fantasy golf game for mobile devices, and it’s available now for pre-registration.

The game features a colourful anime aesthetic, charming enough for anyone hitting the fairway in this arcade-like golf game. It aims to capture your imagination with its unique characters, caddies and various modes and matches.

Birdie Crush features beautiful 3D graphics, with gorgeous course-specific skills being employed when you’re out there on the fairway. Obviously you want to try a hole in one, and the game will allow you to do with its perfect shot system to allow you to strategise, time your shot and swing to clear the course as perfectly as possible.

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The controls of Birdie Crush are pretty simple, as it all works with single taps as you hit the prompts on your screen to hit the golf ball across the course. There’s an auto feature too which helps automate the process a little bit, as well as dynamic shots available in simulation mode.

You don’t just have to play alone too though. In case you’re after a bit of competition, you can compete with players around the world by challenging them to a global live match to show off your skills and win. In the downtime between each match, you can follow the story of the characters residing in Delion Bridge, and customise them with colourful costumes. Each one has hidden stories waiting for you to unravel them.

You can now pre-register Birdie Crush on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. The full game is expected to release on 28th January and will be free to play.

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Olly Smith
Olly Smith
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