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In many respects, I like clones rather than direct adaptations on mobile. Often enough, cramming a recognisable representation of a console or PC game onto a handset requires a reinvention of the game that a license doesn't allow for, while a clone has the option of fiddling with the format to make the best pocket version possible.

Biozone, therefore, shouldn't be worried about being labelled a Crysis clone, as it brings the techno-jungle warfare of the popular hardcore PC FPS to the mobile platform without complications of micro-management from the original developer.

Welcome to the jungle

Biozone puts you in the super-suit of the aptly named Major Strike as he heads into the dangerous jungle in search of missing comrades.

You soon discover these soldiers have been mutated by an strange biological compound sloshing around on the jungle floor, and your only option is to find the compound's creator, Professor Victor Reed, and put an end to the spreading plague.

The story vignettes that pop up between checkpoints are entertainingly tongue in cheeck - not so much that it beats you with a comedy bat, but it's good to see Biozone doesn't take itself too seriously.

Put it on a platform and throw stones at it

In terms of gameplay, Biozone is a pretty standard platformer based mostly on your ability to jump, climb and run without falling to your death. The surroundings are lush and detailed, however, and the level designs are adventurous enough that they don't feel repetitive.

There aren't a huge number of enemies littering the jungle, and the shootouts boil down to facing each other and trading bullets - nothing that would live up to the game's PC inspiration.

A few different weapons crop up, but don't go to much use, to be honest, so the best aspect of Biozone is definitely its platforming antics.

While it doesn't forge any new ground, anyone looking for a well produced exploration platformer on mobile won't be far disappointed, and fans of the genre will certainly have played worse games this year.

Good, then, if ultimately forgettable.


Mimics all the aspects of Crysis that fit comfortably on mobile, and throws in a light-hearted plot and decent platform game mechanics against some detailed backdrops. The shooter aspects are dry and uninventive, however
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