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Bio Inc. Redemption, the medical malpractice simulator, is available now for iOS and Android

Will you choose life or death?

Bio Inc. Redemption, the medical malpractice simulator, is available now for iOS and Android

Initially announced two weeks ago, DryGin Studios' latest medical malpractice simulator, Bio Inc. Redemption, is now available for iOS and Android devices. The series itself has been enjoyed by more than 17 million players over the years, showing that the opportunity to be a deliberately bad doctor is evidently quite appealing.

Bio Inc. Redemption on iOS and Android is a port of the Steam version that released back in 2018 but with additional features. It will see players opting to take on one of two campaigns, Choose Life or Choose Death. Both of which are fairly self-explanatory.

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If they opt for Choose Life, they'll look to put their medical knowledge to the test whilst trying to save their patient's lives. There are over 600 real illnesses, symptoms, medical tests and treatments to contend with. Alternatively, there's the Choose Death route where you can use this knowledge for evil.

Outside of the campaign, there is also a competitive tournament mode to take part in. Here players will battle it out for the title of Doctor of Medicine alongside other rewards that are set to arrive later this month.

Discussing the release of the game J-F Mitchell, president, DryGin Studios said: “Bio Inc.: Redemption offers players insight into the duality of medicine. Now, a new graduating class of med students on mobile devices can either choose to preserve and protect human life or use their knowledge to ruin it. Adding all of the new content specific for iOS and Android will give them plenty of moral choices to face!”

Bio Inc. Redemption is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with various in-app purchases.

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