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Bingo Tour lets you play the classic game against other players and win cash prizes, out now on iOS

Bingo Tour lets you play the classic game against other players and win cash prizes, out now on iOS
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AviaGames has just announced Bingo Tour, a new social competitive game on mobile that adds a unique twist to a classic title. Players of Bingo can expect the same exciting game but with the chance to test their skills against other players in online multiplayer tournaments, as well as win actual cash when they best their opponents in a match.

Bingo Tour features the same iconic Bingo format but with an added feature of going head-to-head with others using the same numbers and cards. To make sure that the game stays fair, the AviaGames Smart Matching system only pairs players who have similar skill levels in each tournament.

For more than 600 years Bingo has brought friends, neighbors and entire communities together for good-natured fun and competition,” says Vickie Chen, CEO and founder, AviaGames. “Today, AviaGames’ new ‘Bingo Tour's designed to do the same for social gaming, introducing Bingo to a new generation of passionate mobile gamers. Bingo Tour is a fun and safe mobile game allowing players to compete with each other in free or cash-based tournaments.”

Players can also take advantage of a wide variety of power-ups in their arsenal, which includes “Gimme More” - a nifty trick that lets you see the next number in advance. On the other hand, “Daub It” provides a free daub on a number, while “Earn Double” doubles a player's score.

If you're eager to give the game a go, Bingo Tour is available to download on the iOS App Store now, as well as on the Google Play Store for Android devices in mid-December. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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Catherine Dellosa
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