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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest arrives on iOS and Android

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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest arrives on iOS and Android

German developer Goodgame Studios has moved from the kingdom building of award-winning Empire: Four Kingdoms onto something more agrarian. Instead of a multiplayer clash of civilisations, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest promises crop cultivation and adorable animal husbandry. The game is an adaptation of browser-based Goodgame Big Farm, with mechanics of the simulator tweaked to suit handheld devices - and it’s just been released on Android and iOS.

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As with its computer-bound forebear, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest puts you in charge of an ailing arable plot. Your uncle George left it to you in a sorry state, so you’ve got to turn it from scrubland into a farmyard paradise. If that seems like a tall order, don’t worry – Tessa, Benny and the rest of the local folk guide you throughout with tips to help you till your way to success. You can also connect with fellow Big Farmers online for tricks of the trade, and form strategic co-ops.

The game puts the emphasis on sustainable economics, rather than competition. It’s really a balancing act between your budget and your desire to grow the farm. The crops you sow can be used to feed the farmyard animals, whilst the animals can be sold at the market, and dung used as fertiliser. You even have to take into account the working conditions and accommodation of the farm hands, since unhappy workers are less productive and thus cost more. There are regular quests as well as upcoming events to keep you busy, including a Fairy Tale Festival, a tour of the estate, a Halloween party and more to come. So even though the pace of the game is relaxed, you can’t just laze about on your tractor doing nawt!

If you’re on the look out for a colourful, detailed and light-hearted farm simulator, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest should do the trick. You can download it for free from Google Play and the App Store.