Big Bang Racing - How to get all the secret hats

That hat looks banging

Big Bang Racing - How to get all the secret hats
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As everyone who was present at the birth of the universe knows, the most important item of clothing known to humanity is the hat.

Hats make you look dapper, they hide your terrible hair, and, most importantly, they protect you from being killed in Big Bang Racing.

With that in mind, here's a complete list of all the hats in Big Bang Racing - and we'll update this as we find more of the secret hats!

Big Bang Racing
Hat Rank How to get it?
Crash Helmet Common Unlocked
Baseball Cap Common Unlocked
Mushroom Common Chests
Viking Hat Common Chests
Cowboy Hat Common Chests
Horse Head Common Chests
Chicken Rare Chests
Metal Thing Rare Chests
Skull Rare Chests
Brown Paper Bag Rare Chests
Driving Goggles Rare Chests
Deal With It Rare Chests
Gold Spectacles Epic Chests
Goldfish Epic Chests
VR Headset Epic Chests
Dollars Pimp Hat Secret Follow user Spencer23$
Cat Hat Secret ???
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Oscar Dayus
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